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Modified TPU

Cheaper than the classic TPU, the MODIFIED TPU has excellent elastic properties, excellent aesthetic appearance and it's easily colorable

Footwear Compounds
  • Edited TPU
    Edited TPU
  • Example of use of modified TPU
    Example of use of modified TPU

The "modified TPU" compounds are obtained by extruding sbs (styrene-butadiene-styrene) elastomers and incorporating styrenic polymers that represent the "rigid" thermoplastic matrix.

The synthetic resins in granules that are obtained by such mixing have all the characteristics of elastic rubber, typical of elastomers crosslinked, with the advantage of being able to be processed thermoplastically.

General properties

The materials in TPU modified, named by us tpx, are characterized by excellent properties' elastic. provide an extremely attractive and are easily stainable. offer smoothness, opacity and gloss. excellent abrasion resistance and variation of temperatures (cold resistance).

Goprene resins, compounds are easy processability and processing technology is suitable to mold manufactures bicolor or tricolor; fit, many of them also to be painted. excellent, finally, the ability to bonding, even when cold.

These features make the tpx suitable for high fashion footwear shoes but also for technical, safety and work.

Specific properties

We develop many mixtures that are adapted to the specific request of the customer who need to dispose of materials for targeted applications.

In this context, our research services, development and technical assistance are at your disposal for any request.

It is recommended to be stored in a covered, away from moisture and heat as thermoplastic materials ready for use, are sensitive to temperature changes.

The materials "goprene" produced by us are non-toxic and can be regenerated and recycled.

Data sheet
Material Description Color Hardness

DIN 53505

TPX1-2 Standard material Color From 75 to 85
TPX3 Edited, with soft medium density Color From 50 to 65
TPX5 Edited, with soft medium density Color From 50 to 65
TPX7 Modified, excellent cooling for items to sand Color From 65 to 90
TPX10 Edited, with excellent abrasion and mechanical characteristics Color From 50 to 90
TPX11 Modified with a glossy-matte for under-heels to sand in black only Black From 80 to 90
TPX12 Modified, excellent cooling for items to sand in black only Black From 75 to 90
TPX13 Pure, excellent paintability, with excellent contrast glossy matt Color From 65 to 90
TPX14 To change the ABS, anti oil for safety shoes Color From 65 to 90
TPX15 Changed economic under-heels, super-matt Color From 80 to 90
TPX17 Edited, with great Cutting solution and abrasion, medium density for sports Color From 65 to 90
TPX18 Compound, soft anti oil, low abrasion for safety shoes Color From 60 to 90
TPX21 Edited, with good processability and appearance, matt surface; mimics the vulcanized rubber Color From 75 to 90
TPX22 Pure, with excellent, excellent surface and printability Color From 65 to 90