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Born in Abruzzo, the green heart of Italy, Goter Thermoplastic Compounds could only have a natural propensity for sustainability and environmental protection. A green soul that goes hand in hand with the innovation needed to be a world leader in the sector for over 25 years. A continuous path of careful and conscious growth, which sees in news like GO4World and Ecoprene the last two examples of the concrete commitment of Goter Thermoplastic Compounds on the theme of environmental impact and energy.

Born the seal

The environment has always been a central point for Goter Thermoplastic Compounds, a value that today is embodied by GO4World, a quality brand that will identify all the activities and productions most relevant in terms of sustainability, energy impact and attention to the environment.

Energy that makes the difference

An important reality such as Goter Thermoplastic Compounds is commonly classified as energy-intensive, a characteristic that pushes towards the optimization of consumption through strict monitoring, use of photovoltaics and the signing of conventions with high economic value.

In order to make a concrete improvement there are many initiatives put in place by Goter Thermoplastic Compounds in concert with partners and suppliers. For example, all the electricity used comes from a selected Consortium and comes only from 100% renewable sources.

Certified commitment

There is a constant increase in the number of measures implemented in the field of sustainability, such as the use of recently introduced photovoltaics. This activity has been awarded ISO 14001 environmental certification for waste, emissions, water discharges, noise pollution and much more.

Careful production

As far as the production process is concerned, truly biodegradable raw materials are used, production waste is reduced to zero and 100% of the finished products are recycled. Without forgetting the constant search for waste from other companies to buy and recycle.

Genuine sustainability

Goter Thermoplastic Compounds is a real commitment to the environment, more tangible and concrete than many other realities in the sector. The result of this green path is currently an important innovation like the revolutionary Ecoprene line.