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Research & Development

Man's greatness is measured by what he searches for and the insistence with which he continues seeking.

Martin Heidegger

Present and Future

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, offering versatile and productive responses and a service that is always active dedicated to product customization.

In recent years we have focused our efforts on the development of new SBS modified, SEBS, TPU modified and TPO based compounds, investing significant resources in equipment and personnel for research.

This has made it possible to diversify our production, adapting it to different sectors (construction, boating, sports, automotive, household items) thus showing our willingness to continuing to pursue new and ambitious goals.

Our starting point is the constant control of all the materials, input and output, ensuring a finished product that is perfectly in line with the requests of the customer, with considerable longevity and that is completely recyclable.

Featured Benefits



Our products are 100% reusable



Our products provide a complete water resistance, heat and time



All our materials are long lasting