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Compounds for synthetic turf

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  • Structure of artificial turf
    Structure of artificial turf
  • Application for indoor use
    Application for indoor use
  • Application for outdor use
    Application for outdor use

The Goter compounds are researched and designed to obtain the two Fifa Recommended stars and approval by the most qualified sports experts. Completely recyclable, the product is at the forefront of all the types of infill material.

Turfield can also be flame-resistant, according to the DIN51960 regulations in addition to being suitable for indoor infill. With a Bulk Density of approximately 600 kg/m3, the particle size of the infill materials produced by Goter ensures a constant infill over time avoiding stratifications and jamming.

Turfield is available in all colours, including multi-coloured, as its starting point is virgin raw materials.

The TURFIELD TPE compounds (thermoplastic elastomers) created by Goter for the infill of artificial grass used in sports fields, offer numerous advantages over other infill materials: they do not contain substances that are toxic to human health and they do not contain substances that are polluting to the environment, they are non-toxic and non-allergenic, they are completely compliant with the ecological standards DIN18035-7, they are resistant over time to UV and to ozone rays and can be completely recycled and regenerated.

The compounds are used for artificial turf infill in sports fields and playgrounds for children. They can be completely recycled and regenerated. Grass mats made with turfield granules reduce muscle accidents, prevent the formation of micro-trauma and are shock absorbers as they limit the spring effect.